The perfect team — mindfully built to support you in all your food business endeavors. 


Natalie Ohanessian, Founder & Certified Food Scientist

With a BS in Food Science from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, Natalie is the proud founder of Food Happy. She is a Certified Food Scientist (CFS), SQF and PCQI and leads the food safety and quality aspects of our services. With her entire career devoted to the food industry, Natalie has experience across nearly all food types including fresh foods, bakery, snacks, breakfast, coffee & tea and beverages. Her positive outlook and strong sense of industry knowledge are sure to support you through you journey in food making. 


Danielle Beale, Founder of Creative Pack Branding & Packaging

Our first-in-class Branding & Packaging Team has nearly 10 years of international experience with a multitude of various businesses. From everything from ready to eat salads to hot sauces, coffee, ice cream and napkins, our branding and packaging partners are experts in the field who have won several packaging and design awards through American Graphic Design & Advertising and related associations.

Newman Building Designs

Newman Building Designs was established ten years ago. Principal Eric Newman has been working in the field of Architecture for nearly 20 years, and has worked on all types of buildings, using all types of building materials. He graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Architecture. He believes that buildings should be as "green" as possible. This is accomplished through responsible design and the use of earth friendly building materials. The technique is good for both the environment, and keeping utility bills low. 

Melissa Calicchia, Founder of Food Microbiological Laboratories, Inc.

Food Microbiological Laboratories, Inc. meets the food and environmental testing needs of the food service, natural foods, pet, and food manufacturing industries by providing testing and research resources for the purpose of improving the safety and quality of foods.  We lead the industry in personalized and expert service by meeting client objectives and deadlines, while in compliance with ISO Std. 17025 and customer requirements.!