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Getting into Whole Foods for the first time takes a lot of work. To prepare for their food safety audit I decided to seek out a professional in the food service industry. Thanks to Natalie Ohanessian, I was able to pass the inspection with ease. Natalie is kind, diligent and very experienced working with large grocery retailers such as Fresh & Easy. I recommend Natalie to any business that plans to take their food safety program to the next level.
— Sean Swift, CEO, Muesli Munch
I had the opportunity to work with Natalie at Fresh & Easy. She is one of the most professional, efficient project managers you could ever hope to partner with. Her background in food science was a great asset since her focus was on food safety and quality. With all of the high standards that had to be met, she was able to implement a process that normally would have been very difficult, a very manageable experience. We launched many items in various sub-categories and I personally learned a lot from her. I might also mention that along with these attributes, she is a very pleasant person to work with. I would absolutely recommend Natalie if you are in the need of a consultant in this area of the business that continues to escalate with higher demands.
— Bill Bryson, ISB Director, Lantmannen Unibake
Natalie assisted PLM in preparing for a SQF audit. The PLM team had nothing but praise for Natalie’s knowledge, professionalism and her contribution was a key factor in the successful outcome we achieved.
— Dan Conrad, COO, PLM Inc.
Natalie was an absolute joy to work with. She helped us source new co-packers across multiple categories, implement processes and checklists to ensure successful product runs, purchase ingredients and visit co-packers on our behalf. Our only complaint: we want to steal more of her time. I would highly recommend Natalie.
— Morgan, COO, Primal Kitchen
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend an outstanding business partner. Natalie joined the project at a very busy and critical time and her functional expertise and attention to detail were tremendously valuable on the project. She was able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make positive contributions to the needs of our company. The quality of her work was recognized and appreciated by all of the team members and co-manufacturers.
If you are looking for a consultant that will help you implement positive changes within your organization, I believe Natalie is the person who can make a difference.
— Jens Hoj, Partner Sonoma Brands
Thanks so much for everything you have done for SANS. Your assistance was key to our successful launch!
— Nathan Gordon, Co-founder & CEO, SANS Meal Bar
We at PF Bakeries were fortunate to work with Natalie of Food Happy Consulting. She was instrumental in helping us set up our GMP Program. Her knowledge and insightful suggestions put us where we needed to be moving forward with our business. I highly recommend Natalie as a key component to any business with a need for Food Safety expertise. You will be glad you did.
— Elad Primosher, CEO, PF Bakeries
The ability to have regular meetings with Natalie about the food industry is invaluable, especially for a small coffee business like mine with no marketing department and no distribution team. I’m a coffee roaster. it’s just me. I’m always looking for new avenues to share my brand. Natalie brings information and ideas to the table that I never would have thought of, not in a million years.
— Marc Beauregard, Founder, Bedfellows Roasting
HannahMax Baking worked with Natalie on many projects during her time with Fresh and Easy. As the lead in the Food Safety Division and Product Development, Natalie was diligent in her work to assure that the products we created for her company met their strict standards.

Personally, Natalie was awesome to work with. Creative with quality dessert ideas. Always extremely thorough with all food safety standards. As a physically close partner to the Fresh and Easy corporate office, Natalie would visit our facility, observe our operations and come on site for product tastings.

Any company working with Natalie will be pleased to have her aboard. She is competent, diligent, and will exceed all expectations.
— Joanne Adirim, Founder, Hannahmax Baking
I consider Natalie a critical component of my business venture due to her comprehensive understanding of an evolving culinary product landscape. Beyond her expertise, she is passionate, relatable, and modern in her approach. The industry of food science needs more professionals like Natalie.
— Ryan Demirjian, CEO, Nutritioneer LLC
I can’t express enough how grateful I am
to have met Natalie at Food Happy Consulting. I was new to the food industry when I was referred to work with Natalie. As I began the process of starting up my own company, Natalie has brought a wealth of information and guidance to me. She also has an impressive list of contacts to assist in other areas of the business, which is also what needed. Knowing that she had preexisting relationships made me more comfortable moving forward in other aspects of the business, which has contributed to my company’s success. If someone has done business with Natalie, I know I can trust that person, too. I typically don’t take the time to write reviews unless someone has been over the top and I can honestly say Natalie has been more than I could have ever expected. She’s not only very knowledgeable, she is extremely diligent and persistent in her work. If given the opportunity to work with Natalie, go for it!
— Rachel Gabriel, Founder of Rachel's Overnight Oats
As a start-up, finding the right people can make or break a business. Natalie exceed our expectations in terms of what she brought to the team. Her broad knowledge of co-packing relationships combined with expertise in food safety and quality made her a critical part to the successful launch of our product. She has been one of the most thorough and results oriented people we’ve found. Natalie had a great ability to translate her large company experience to the fast paced and resource constrained world of a small company, which is not easy to find. As we look to future projects, we will definitely be reaching out to Natalie for our quality and safety assurance on our production lines. I would definitely give Natalie my highest recommendation.
— Michelle Wolf, Co-Founder, New Wave Foods
We worked with Natalie on projects for Fresh and Easy. We found her to be professional and knowledgeable with new product development and bench to shelf implementation. It was a pleasure working with Natalie and have no doubt she will raise the bar for quality and food safety for the industry.
— Christa Lovelock, QA Manager, FGF Foods
Natalie’s approach demonstrated understanding, tolerance, direction and consequences of non-compliance. I would unequivocally credit Natalie with infusing the desire to change; that today has enabled Romero’s success at being SQF Certified. Whether it be equipment, people or process Natalie demonstrated equal parts of ability and capability.

Beyond the professional characteristics, Natalie always possessed, professional respect, friendly attitude, pleasant demeanor, firm handshake, warm smile and always “looks you in the eye.” I whole heartedly recommend in almost any capacity involving quality and food safety.
— Richard Scandaliato, CEO, Romero's Food
We hired Natalie for our annual food safety audit. The time it takes to do it right, we really needed a pro on our team to reach a higher score and pass with ease. As small business owners we do not have the necessary time to build and maintain Quality Assurance program that met our needs and most of all our customers requirements. Natalie is very kind, has amazing ideas on how to get it done and do it correctly the 1st time. When there was a requirement we did not understand she was there to guide us through and most of all explain it to us in terms we understood. Natalie was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her on all of our future food safety needs. It may sound corny but we now go with the motto of “have no fear Natalie is here!”
— Cherron Hart, QA Manager, Settlers Jerky