Designed to support your food business endeavors, Food Happy Consulting provides a multitude of quality-driven services for both food manufacturers as well as food entrepreneurs using co-packers .



Food Manufacturers:

Whether you have just finished a new range of products and are ready to launch or are already established in your own manufacturing facility, Food Happy is ready to support you along the way with continuous improvement strategies.

We will guide you and your team in adhering to food safety and regulatory standards in addition to developing a strong food safety culture within your organization. Our food safety and quality expertise ranges from staying abreast with the latest regulatory standards, preparations for 3rd party audits and support with retail ready formulation development. 

Food Happy has retail product experience in everything from food design and market reviews to food safety and quality management. From concept to launch, we are here to guide you through the process, one stride and smile at a time. 




Food Entrepreneurs:

Co-packer management support is another branch of consulting services that Food Happy offers. Whether you have just finished your first prototype or are ready to launch your product onto retailer shelves, Food Happy is here to help drive you and your food company on the road to success.

Utilizing a food safety and quality-driven co-packer plays a major role in providing consistent products for your customers. Implementing food safety and quality driven programs are integral in your continuous supply of your products. Together, your innovative products are sure to expand as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible as we understand the urgency to get your new and trending products onto the retail shelves!