Food Happy Mission Statement - 
Our mission is to spread food happiness wherever we go. We support health-driven food companies succeed and safely share their products across the globe, one smile at a time. 


Experience the best in class support with our trained staff in food safety, quality, FSMA, 3rd party audits and co-packer management services.



FSMA Compliance

Whether you are just getting started with your food company or have been in business for several years, our team has experience that ranges from start ups to large corporations. We focus on making these FSMA changes swiftly, as we understand the sense of urgency of our clients. 

Food Safety & Quality Management

We focus on working hand in hand with your organization to produce desired outcomes that are easily maintained once implemented. Whether your staff are experts in the field or are new to the food industry, our food safety & quality program development and training is applicable to all levels. 


3rd Party Food Safety Audit Support

Through continuous on-site and remote support, we help our clients with 3rd party audit preparation. Whether it's your first time having a GFSI audit or need ongoing support each year, our team is here for you.