2016: Setting the tone for a new year of food making

Can you believe 2016 is nearly here? I hope this message finds you in a place where you have given yourself and your employees permission to relax and reflect on the growth and successes of the year. Regardless of what sort of hiccups you and your food business may have encountered in 2015, I'm sure there have been successes. 

Think about where your business and team was in January of 2015. How many of there were you? Who was involved? What did your manufacturing process look like? How was your inner-company culture? It is important for us to really spend some time on not only our accomplishments for the year but also our learnings. What did you or someone else do that may have not worked so well? What were the learnings? How will you better manage the concern in the new year? As food makers, our goals are simple - to have continuous improvement and make great food. This involves the food we make, the people we hire and the processes we utilize. We are one team on one mission - to make incredibly delicious, wholesome, quality and safe food for the human population to savor! Below are some tips to cultivate a positively foodie culture for the new year.

1. Create a positive work culture.

Everybody who is happier works more efficiently. Not only do they enjoy what they do but they actually desire to be at work! The more positive upper management can be, the more of  a ripple effect it will have on the rest of the company. Regardless of what product you may be manufacturing, the truth is - we are the people behind the scenes in making food for others. That in itself is a pretty amazing fact if you really think about it. 

Allow this positive energy to breed within your food company starting with you. Each one of us hold a certain level of responsibility at our workplace and this begins with how we start each day. Sure - some of us may have woken up deprived of sleep, exhausting from working on a project all night and taking care of the kids, but our responsibility of being a positive foodie is to recognize that our responsibility begins before we step into the office.  How will we show up today? How do we breed positivity for the rest of our team and  most importantly - the food we are creating! 

2. Empower employees to speak up. 

The more comfortable our workforce feels to speak up and feel that their opinion and voice matters, the more honest of a workforce we will breed. Whether the topic is food safety, operations or HR related, our foodie workforce needs to know that we care and are listening. Be sure to incorporate trainings and one-on-one meetings to show your employees you are supporting them along the way. Think about how you are recognizing and rewarding good behavior as each step of the process and every person matters. At Food Happy, we believe that each person inputs their energy into the food we make; therefore, making it integral to make sure the food makers themselves are staying happy! 

3. Stay passionate about the future of food! 

We are the leaders of our food revolution as we know it! People are becoming more and more aware of what is in their food and how its being made which makes us the brains behind the operations. Staying excited about the future of food is key in mantaining our positive business culture. It is important to never forget that our type of business holds a bit more significance than other industries, as without food - nobody would be able to survive for very long. Our food business is essential, which makes it incredibly exciting! 

Think about how you are keeping your workforce excited about the future of not only your business but the food industry as a whole. Perhaps you plan quarterly foodie group outings to experience new restaurants or farmers markets. Maybe you hold weekly meetings every Friday to talk about new products or other foodie news going on in the world. Whatever it may be, have a way to keep everyone on board and excited about the future of food!


Wishing everyone a positive and food happy 2016! Please feel free to contact me at natalie@foodhappyconsulting.com with any questions!