November's Food Makers News : Chipotle's Ecoli Outbreak and Making Quality a Priority

With the holidays amidst us and employees requesting their vacation time, it is easy for us to overlook quality and slip up during this hectic time of season. I am here to help emphasize that regardless of the time of year, quality should be top of mind for food makers across the globe. 

Not only does your brand reputation and consumer loyalty lie in your consistent approach to quality, but many food borne illness become a very real possibility within the manufacturing food world. If you haven't yet read up on it, the large Mexican quick service restaurant, Chipotle, had to close down 43 stores due to a food borne illness outbreak of Ecoli. You can read more about in through the Food Business News website here:{0C122D4C-BE51-42A2-BDF1-D5691C80D745}&cck=1

Ecoli is one of the most deadly food born illnesses and has been prevalent for many years now. The harshest strain of E Coli with the most severe health effects is Ecoli O157:H7, which can cause bloody diarrhea, kidney failure and even death. Ecoli is most commonly found in uncooked beef, raw milk and unpasteurized juice products.  For those food makers who are producing foods that fall into this criteria, be sure to properly educate yourself and your employees on food borne illnesses that have a higher risk for your specific products. Governmental websites like CDC, FDA and the USDA are a great place to start. Food shares with us some more information about this food borne pathogen: 

I wish you all a beautiful rest of your November! Remember to take some time for family gatherings and your own self-care but make sure enough hands are on deck to ensure quality is a priority in your food business endeavors. If you do need any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Happy Foodie Feasting!